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We are a 501 (C) (3) Non-profit Organization.
Our Services are going to be provided at International Center f or Christian Education (ICCE) Grizon D’Aquin, South Haiti. 


Our foundation is built on the solid Rock of Christ Jesus. Mat 7:25

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Why your organization exists, the services it provides and to whom?

Build, encourage and support productive lives and unity in Haiti through the gospel of Jesus Christ and education. Provide vacation Bible school, adult literacy program, Bible reading, entrepreneurship/business classes, English as a second language, movie nights and conferences on relevant issues,

Kingdom Prayer:

 One of the methods that divinely authorize by God when we need the Kingdom of Heaven to get involved in the physical Kingdom is Prayer.  It is a personal ticket that God gives us to come and talk to Him.  In Prayer, we connect heaven to earth, time with eternity and the finite with the infinite.  We pull the kingdom of Heaven down to the kingdom of Earth.  We leave the Physical, the earth, and enter the Spiritual, heaven, to access what God is already plan to do.  The plan of God is for man to rule the earth but dependent of Him.  That is why God instituted communication with Himself with man through Prayer.

 Prayer is the key principle of kingdom living and kingdom authority.  In Genesis 1 V 26 when God create Adam and Eve, He gave them a mandate to dominate.  God said “let them rule over all the earth.”  In other words, God stated that He would not rule independently of man.  However, man was to look for Him for how he would rule on earth.  Satan got Adan and Eve to cease communicating with God and start communicating with him.  By doing that, Adan and Eve lost access to heaven authority and wisdom.  What’s a tragic lost!

 Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has recovered this tragic lost.  Because during the Great Commission mandate, Jesus Christ gave to our ancestors all the earthly kingdom authorities that He took away from Satan.  As Christians and followers of Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the Disciples of Christ Jesus are our ancestors.  We were there at the extraordinary meeting.  Jesus Christ gives us our kingdom authority back.  We do not want to lose access to heavenly authority like Adam and Eve did.  Through prayer, we have unlimited access to our heavenly Father.  We want to advance God’s kingdom agenda which is the visible manifestation of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life.

 God is the ultimate owner of Building Life for Haiti (BLFH) and International Center of Christian Education (ICCE).  He has delegated the responsibility to us to manage” BLFH “and “ICCE”.  We will exercise His will for Him as we reflect Him on earth.  That is why No weapon forged against us will prevail, and we will refute every tongue that accuses us in courts. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is the vindication from the Lord Almighty.  Jesus Christ deserves it all.  All the glory and honor reserve for Him, because He alone has done all the works.  Therefore, the goal, nature, and purpose of “BLFH” and “ICCE” is to lift the name of Jesus Christ and every circumstance in life.

 International Center for Christian Education (ICCE) Route Nationale #2 Grison, D’Aquin, South Haïti is all about Jesus Christ.haiti