Building Life For Haiti

265The specific objectives and purpose of this Organization shall be to:
Build, encourage and support productive lives and unity for the people in Haiti through the gospel of Jesus Christ and education.
• Building Life for Haiti, Inc., is organized and operated for the purpose of providing for a small fee adult literacy program where students will be set free from the confines of illiteracy. It is also promoting entrepreneurship and business development, where students will walk out with a complete transformed life. Building Life for Haiti will come up with conferences where speakers will focus on relevant issues that builds and improves one life, like the Bible, medicine and disease prevention. Finally, but not least Building Life will deliver English as a second language where people chances of getting a better job will increase since English has become a necessity in succeeding in Haiti.

In addition, Building Life for Haiti, Inc., will advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing yearly vacation Bible school for the children, and a monthly movie night for the community through entertainment and fellowship. This Christ like environment will unite the community in a joyful atmosphere. The Organization also plans to provide career services to the needy families in the area to help them acquire new life skills and ultimately gain employment. These services will include job training, referrals and job placement assistance; as well as educational services that will include self-improvement courses and GED training. The Organization hopes to fund these programs through a small fee from the participants, grants and other donated revenue.

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  1. This is a very noble cause. I believe this organization with the help of the community at large can make wonders in Haiti. Great work in the making. God Bless,

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