A Taste of the Worldblfh.org will be there. Come join us and get involved!

A Taste of the World is an experience filled with the celebration of the church’s response to the Great Commission.

“. . . and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” – Acts 1:8

His Goal in Our Reach!

All ages will have opportunities to engage with Missional Life up close and personal!

  • Interact with missionaries going around the world
  • Sign up for education on the state of missions and our role in light of the Bible’s prediction
  • Align yourself with ministry and service opportunities for the coming year
  • Get plugged in to evangelism training classes
  • Sample culture and music from around the world
  • and much more!

3 thoughts on “First Special Event

  1. Haiti is a natural and not as develop as the United states of America. Therefore, there is a plethora of natural treatments and medicines for many diseases and ailments for examples ( Moringa, Garlic, Purslanes, and many others). I believe, that we need to start to educate the people with what are in there possessions or what they have, just like Jesus turn the five loaves and two fishes in the gospel of John to feed a multitudes. most of our treatments uses in the western medicine come from nature if not all. Before, pharmacy school used to offer a class in pharmacological study of natural medicines (pharmacognosy). Now, they no longer do because as the Bible said the people destroyed for lack of knowledge( Hosea4:6) this mean knowing God and let the Spirit of God lead us to understand nature for we were created from dirt and for dirt we are and to dirt we shall return. God gives us the rain which is free water, God give us the knowledge to create well and used the underground water. Remember, the woman at the well said to Jesus ” are you greater than Jacob who had given us this well. Today, all naturals products have been studied for only one purpose which is money ( the love of money is the root of all evil). The truth of God and his revelation is still at work today, but many are afraid to say it because they are scare for their lives. God said don’t be afraid of the one who can destroy the body for those who trust in God live even though they were died according to the Bible. Haiti will be delivered from its state of poverty, but we need heroes like the founder of the BLFH and many other who grasp the vision of God for Haiti. But remember one thing, the enemy is still at work against the progress of Haiti, therefore as mention in the book of Ephesian 6:10-18 which gives us the right to take the armors of God. Some people said that there are six, but actually there are seven for the seventh one which is prayer that will help use to detect all the tricks of the enemy. In conclusion, If there is one battle we need to win for Haiti is not to tell the enemy all of our goals but to pray and let God get the praise and the Glory the He deserves for all of our dreams and visions may fail but God’s will for Haiti will never fail.

    Thank for reading the post and do not be afraid to comments
    . This was your brother Frusnel Augustin (RPH, MHS, CHES).

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