Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease is sometimes called coronary heart disease or ischemic heart disease. It develops when cholesterol-containing deposits (plaques) in your coronary arteries; and inflammation are usually to be blamed for it. What happens is that a plaque buildup in the wall of the arteries that supply blood to the heart (called coronary arteries). Plaque buildup causes the inside of the arteries to narrow over time. This process is called atherosclerosis. For some people, the first sign of CAD is a heart attack.

How to Prevent Coronary Heart Diseases?

There are many ways you can reduce your risk of developing coronary artery diseases. You need to keep your blood pressure under control, your cholesterol under control, and your diabetes under control. You also need to eat a healthy, and balanced diet, be more physically active, give up smoking, and keep a healthy weight. Last but not least you need to reduce your alcohol consumption, reduce stress, and discuss any over the counter or prescribed medicine to your health care teams.

Remember Any question you may have do not hesitate to ask your health care teams. Your doctor will make recommendations based on the type of heart disease you have, your health, and other factors. Your body is the Temple of God, please take good care of it.

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Dr. Jude Fabius Pharm.D
Dr. Jude Fabius Pharm.D

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