As the 7.2 Magnitude earthquake is now over, people continue to experience the aftershocks that are lingering around and causing people, especially children to be frightened. As one parent reported that his children have not been able to sleep at night because each time an aftershock occurred they quickly ran for shelter outside the home. The conditions continue to be very difficult because a lot of the damages occurred in the remote part of the country not accessible by car. People are suffering a great deal and governmental assistance is totally absent in most of these areas.

As much as these current needs are present, we need to start planning ahead  because people in Haiti will continue to need our help to rebuild their community. We noted that many schools and churches have been destroyed. As difficult as it might be, we need to start planning for ways to initiate a sense of normal living by helping the child to get back to school. Building Life for Haiti, is committed to assist in various areas focusing on educating our children.


We need your help to make this happen. Please, go to the website and make a contribution of any size. We would like to thank you in advance for helping our organization reach the children’s long term objectives.

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