Eleven-years ago, when Haiti was struck by the 7.0 Earthquake that resulted in many lost lives in port aux Prince. Many big organizations reported and took the lead to help with the relief effort. Millions of dollars were donated to help rebuild Haiti by building durable shelters for the people who were living in tents. Even to this day, many people are still living in tents and the relief money has been squandered. 

This time it seems like the same thing is about to happen as many aids have been given to the NGO who then gives it to people around their circles instead of reaching out to the local authorities who know the people. When AIDS is given to the politician in  Port- Au- Prince, the people in the remote part of the country who really need the help do not get it. First of all, many of these politicians are not in touch with the people once elected them to the position. They only return every four years when they are trying to get re-elected. Therefore, there’s no relationship between these leaders so-called senators and deputies. Sadly, the NGO and many of the embassies reached out to these leaders to give them the aid to help the people. It is no surprise to see the aids provided found in the marketplace for sale to further advance these leader’s 

campaigns. The international community is well aware of these practices. We hope the international will lead differently this time around. There must be some form of accountability. If a leader offers their services to take aid for the people, they must show evidence that the materials provided reach the designated location/pople. Second, there should also be a five years moratorium where these aids can be traced if they make it in the marketplace. There should be a zero tolerance in holding people legally responsible if found in the misuse of these aids that were intended to help the earthquake victim.

There is hope for Haiti

As mentioned, this time around we noticed many small organizations form the diaspora engaged themselves in helping the victim. The diaspora has helped more people than the government. Places that the leaders don’t care to reach, the diaspora has reached them and provided help. Beside the diaspora, we also noted many people in other parts of Haiti are coming to offer their help. This is a strange thing because somehow we are getting our heads together knowing that we are only one nation. This is the message that president Jovenel Moise was preaching. Together we are strong! There is still hope for this little nation. 

Please comment below to let us know what you think. We also would like to take this time to ask you for your help to finance some of our programs to help the people of haiti. May God richly Bless you!

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