A beautifully illustrated two volume set of a text/reading book. C:\Users\Ron\Documents\Amicus\Halo 1_files\logo.jpg

 First year consists of  236 lessons in the READER, and a 400 pages WORKBOOK.

The Second year consists of 135 lessons in the READER, and a 236 pages WORKBOOK.

BLFH Christian Academy would like to provide these books to its students. The two volume set of books (Liv Lekti READER, and EXCERSIZE -Kaye Egzesis) is $24.00 for first year per book and $23.00 for the second year per book as per HALO Publishing Company.  If you would like to help with the purchase, please do not hesitate to do so; this is a noble cause.

To give, please touch the 3 white lines on top of the left side of the logo and select Giving, then Donate. Also to change the website to any language, touch the 3 dots on the right then select the prefer language.

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