October 9 2021 shall be a day of remembrance for generations, for we had installed and dedicated our premise (ICCE) to our Saviour and to our Lord Jesus Christ. This was a great success, because if the enemies in any form come to attack us, our LORD will deliver us for He is able. He will be the one that is going to call the shots, for He is in charge of the premise. 

We would like to thank all of you who had held our arms in prayer similar to how Aaron and Hur did for Moses. We also would like to thank everyone on the ground for their help with the service. We are thanking pastor David and his family from the Assembly of God. We are thanking MEBSH leaders: Pastor Jordany, pastor Mikelson, deacon Raymond, and brother Emanor Pierre Louis for their participation. Last but not least we thank Mrs. Asher (Roseline), and her Husband and countless others for their help. 

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