We were on the ground in Haiti the week preceding the ICCE dedication on 10/9/21, and the week after. What we saw were heartbreaking. First of all, to pass through Port au Prince to go to Aquin, South of the Country was imaginable, because gangs were all over the place. Matissan, which is the main and only road to the South part of the Country was blocked by rebels. To cross Matissan by foot or by motorcycles because no cars were allowed to passe through were like working through the valley of the Shadow of death. 

When we finally arrived at our location, we saw firsthand the damage that was done by 7.2 earthquake on 9/12/21. Below is us and a few others that are worshipping God in front of a falling Church. Almost all the houses, Churches, Schools were falling flat to the ground or severely damage.  The house where my sister used to live was severely damaged. She has to sleep in an unsecure tent. We attached an image of the tent where we sleep during our stay in Haiti. This was the best compare to the others. 

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Our buildings in ICCE that were still in construction were not affected that much, but only a few cracks around the windows. We give God praise for that. Please continue to pray for Haiti. God bless you all

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