God had delegated the justice system to humanity. One nation that understands this concept very well is the American people. You will not see Americans go to God for justice. They know that they have to give themselves justice. And they know they have to do that by any means necessary. Now, one can talk about a fair justice and a unfair justice. This is a different topic in its own.
Most nations understand that they are responsible to provide justice to themselves, but Haiti doesn’t. Why? Why in the 21st century they are still praying asking God to help them get justice? There is a serious problem here. Could it be that they don’t understand the concept of justice? Maybe they just want God to do it; because they don’t want the responsibility. Haitians never like to take responsibility for anything. They always blame someone else for everything. If they just stop quoting Bible verses left and right like ” justice raises a nation ” but take responsibility to provide justice, their lives would be much better off right here on earth. Thank you

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