The International lends Haiti money that Haiti 🇭🇹 must pay back with interest. Haiti, please wake ⏰️ up. Haiti, you are putting your future generations into slavery. The Bible says that any body who can not pay his or her debts is a slave to his or her debtor.

It doesn’t matter if Haiti did not receive the petrocaribean’s money. Haiti signed for it and allowed companies all over the world to receive the money. Those companies would then come to Haiti to do the work. This is not cheap! And Haiti is a corrupt country. Please my fellow Haitians, let us be honest with ourselves at least once. We are all mess up.

First thing Haiti needs to do is to stop receiving money from the international. Haiti needs to figure out how to pay back the money they owe to the international. Haiti can not and should borrow money where the lender is telling Haiti what to do with the money. Haiti seems to be worst than a baby 👶 Anybody needs a reason to borrow money 💰 from a bank. And nobody in the right mind would borrow money just for food. Haiti can not and should not borrow money just to give its citizens food. This is crazy! Haiti can not and should not borrow money also to provide security for its citizens. The citizens of Haiti 🇭🇹 must give themselves security by any means necessary. This is divine. If Haiti does not want to give it citizens security and justice, this is Haiti’s problem.

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