If Haiti agrees that she has been borrowing money from the international, Haiti 🇭🇹 must also agrees that she has to pay interest on the principal.  Now, if Haiti had to pay interest, and Haiti 🇭🇹 never did, the interest can become greater than the principal.

Haiti! Please, it is time to start thinking. Haitians keep asking for petrocaribean’s 💰 that they should have been received more than 10 years ago. Now, If the international did lend Haiti the money, the interest has been accumulated. The interest is definitely greater than the principal. The kid becomes greater than the mother.

Haiti! Where are your economists?Why don’t they get together to save you? Do your treasure public received all the 💰 that the international is talking about? Haiti 🇭🇹 you are in a coma; Haiti you are blind.  Please Haiti, seat down and talk about things that are important for your survival. May God protect Haiti, and may God have mercy on Haiti 🇭🇹 pray 🙏

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