One of the major problems of Haiti is that any government in power must bring all his or her opponents, feroce or not, into his or her government. Haitians! Please wake up and start thinking. How can any government lead a nation into the right direction when his or her own enemies are inside the government? Is that make sense to you 🇭🇹 Haiti?

The President is elected by popular vote, but can not serve two consecutive terms. What do you think 🇭🇹 Haiti? Can a government make a real difference in one terms? I believe this can be possible only if the country, as a whole, has a National plan. And this National plan must be followed strictly by any government in power. And any deviation from the National plan by any government must endure serious consequences.

The Prime Minister who is really the one ruling the country is not elected by the people. He is an appointed, and he or she is most of the time forced on the President. The Primer Minister is also the one chosen all the Cabinet of the government. That does not make sense. How can a country run like this? The Premier Minister has no accountability to the people because he or she is not elected by the people. The President and the Primer Minister (Vice President) must be elected by the popular vote if Haitians want a stable and a productive country. May God have mercy 🙏 upon Haiti 🇭🇹 Thank you.

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