This is an unstable position for anybody, because the same people who vote you in can vote you out within six months. And this is what happens all the time. That is why the country is so unpredictable, unreliable, and unlovable for any investors, or any one else. How can a country survive in a environment like this?  O Haiti 🇭🇹 can you please take responsibility and stabilize the country? It is time to stop depending on others. Don’t wait for the international just do the right thing. We are all to be blamed, Haitians, for Haiti mess.

Almost all the time, the Primer Minister had to pay for the senators and the congressman to vote for him or for her. And this is not cheap; It costs the new Premier Minister a lot of money to be appointed. Haiti! 🇭🇹 don’t you think that the Primer Minister should get his or her money back? But! Who is going to reimburse the Primer Minister? My fellow Haitians, it is Haiti, that must reimburse the Primer Minister by any means necessary. But how? Think deeper Haiti 🇭🇹 just let the President choose his or her running mate during election for vice president, and this problem will be solved.

Put yourself in the Primer Minister shoes? Would you take your own personal money 💰 and give it to the parliament for free? What about if an elite or a businessman is the one that gives the parliament the money for you? Should that elite or the business person also get his or her money back? Come on 🇭🇹 ! It is time to be honest and fair. Have some integrity, for God is watching. It is time to start thinking of how to get out of this mess, and stop blaming others. May God give 🙏 Haiti 🇭🇹 wisdom

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