Constitutionally, the President of Haiti is the protector of all the institutions, but the Primer Minister, who is usually an opponent feroce to the President is the one running the country. That does not make sense my fellow Haitians. Furthermore, the Primer Minister is an appointed coming from the parliament with full power to do anything. However, the parliament usually numbered his or her days. Most of the time, the parliament never keeps him or her in power for more than six months. To know why, please see the previous article on the dilemma of a Haitian 🇭🇹 Primer Minister.

But one would say, how come the Primer Minister in power now is un movable? This Primer Minister got in power without the parliament approval. The parliament was not fully in operation at that time and a few months later, the parliament dissolved completely. What makes things worse was that the President, who was elected by the people was assassinated a few days prior that Primer Minister rose to power. Now this Primer Minister is acting as the President of 🇭🇹 as well. He is an control of everything, and the country has no mechanism in place to stop him. The parliament has created a recipes for disaster.

The parliament was playing with fire 🔥 all this years. They thought that they could always control the Primer Minister. They were making money 💰 money 💰 money over the detriment of the country. Now we have a Primer Minister who is unstoppable without a national revolution. Does Haiti 🇭🇹 really learn from this mess? Where are the Haitian wisest? Where are the Haitian finest? Rise Haitian bravest and do something! This is not Haiti destiny. Haiti was created to do great things for God and by God. May God almighty open our eyes, so we can see that our time is limited. Haiti 🇭🇹 can not perish. Thank you

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