Any good plan for the development of Haiti should not have opposition.  Because development of Haiti would benefit every body, regardless if we like the person who is doing it or not. That is why, we can not see any body with a right mind stand against an idea, or a plan to have good Infrastructures in Haiti. If someone were to do that, my fellow compatriotes, we need to admit that we have a serious problem, and we have to solve this problem right away. But what would be the solution for this problem?  How can it be that we are against construction of roads, electricities, technologies irrigation, and so on? Let us face it my fellow Haitians, we are even destroying the little infrastructure we already have. That does not make sense! 🇭🇹

Not long ago, a video about Haiti had been circulated on social media about a man cutting a road in half. What makes things worse was that a group of people just stood there watching the performance. It looked like they were watching a movie in a public place. They were enjoying, and entertaining themselves while Haiti was being destroyed. But why didn’t they stop the man? Or why, didn’t they call police? Could it be that it was because they were upset with the government, or the president? But Haiti is a republic – Haitians share a common wealth. Every Haitians is a part of Haiti 🇭🇹 common wealth. Therefore, anybody in the right mind knows that the road belongs to the country not the government, or the president. The government, or the president only there for 5 years, and may never use that particular road, however, the community need that road to move around constantly.

When the assassinated president, Jovenel Moise, was alive, most of the country did not like him. Because people took the streets day and night destroying every thing without thinking. One of the arguments was that he was a liar, because there was no way he could give the country electricity twenty four seven. My fellow Haitians, this idea should not have opposition, because electricity, road, irrigation, infrastructure belong to a country not to a president. No country can develop without a good infrastructure, and business needs road, electricity, etc to survive. Every body should have embraced the infrastructure idea presented by president Jovenel Moise. This was a big mistake in our part my dear compatriotes. We must admit that we do not like what is good for the country. Turn to God! My fellow Haitians, and repent for the forgiveness of our sins. We have no choice than to admit, accept, repent, and reconcile to God and to one another. Thank you very much and may God open our eyes 👀 and our hearts 💕 through Christ Jesus, Amen 🙏

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