When we look on social media and see the Haitian flag 🇭🇹 floating all around, anybody would say Haitians love Haiti. But is it really true? What do you really think my dear compatriots? I believe that Haitians love their flag 🇭🇹 that is undisputable but their country? I have a lot of reservations, but I am going to focus on one of them in this blog. Please don’t react too fast just take time to think.

People who love their country would not take all their assets and move them to another country. Nobody can do such a thing and portray himself like a true compatriot. That does not sound right, nor does look good my fellow Haitians. Sadly, my compatriotes, it is exactly what we are doing. We take all our assets and move them to another country for the detriment of Haiti.

How can we explain that someone who works and lives in Haiti has all his wealth in Dominican Republic? Some of them don’t even have the legal status to live there in the first place. The Dominican Republic one day will kick all of them out and keeps their wealth. What a tragedy! My dear compatriots, what wrong did Haiti do to us?  Why do we treat Haiti like that? It is time for Haitians to come to their senses and start doing the right thing for the country. May God open our eyes 👀 and our hearts 💕 to see and understand reality. Thank you.

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