Port au Prince is only the Capital of one Department of Haiti. And Haiti has 10 Departments plus the Department of Diaspora. Each Department is further subdivided into 42 arrondissements and 145 Communes, and 570 Communal sections. Therefore, to save Haiti from its mess  all the Department must be involved. All its Departments, must come together and arrive at a solution. Let us take one or two people from each Department and let them lead a transition toward elections. This is pure and simple. This should have no arguments if we are serious about a new Haiti 🇭🇹

Imagine one day New York decided to take control of United States of America. What do you think Texas will do? What about Florida? I can sense your reaction. New York would never dream of such a thing. But why Port au Prince is doing it to the other Department of Haiti? We allow it to continue even today. For example, we have been talking about Consensus, a big Consensus, but with only people in Port au Prince. What about Haitians from another Department? Are They, not Haitians also? Are they incompetent? Why does the West (Port au Prince) control everything? This thing must be changed. It cannot keep going like this. We need to start by having a transition that includes someone from each Department. No Department should have control over others if we really want a new Haiti.

There is no need for us to wait for the International Community to tell us what to do. They cannot tell us what to do because they are only there to give us advice and help us communicate with each other better. We need to de-program our brains because the International Community directly will never tell us what to do. They know better not to do that. That is why everybody is playing games with Haiti 🇭🇹. Wake up Haitians and take control of our destiny with the help of our Father’s God, our Creator, through Christ Jesus. Amen 🙏

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