Do not be deceived my dear friends, for God must be taken seriously. Whatever a man sows, he will receive with interest. What we sow might seem small and insignificant, but they are incredibly powerful. Everybody, or every country sows or invests in something; Regardless if the person or the country knows it or not. Believe me my fellow Haitians, we have been investing in Haiti for a long time. Some of us knew that we have been invested, unfortunately, some of us did not. The truth is that we have been investing in Haiti for a while. 

One of the famous statements of President Jovenel Moise is that his opponents love to swim in turbulent water. Because this is the way they make their fortune.  They create, or plant chaos in the country which is a seed, then they reap millions and millions of dollars. The Haitian politicians and the oligarchs had invested in Haiti’s insecurity. They are getting their capital with interest. They are getting millions and millions of dollars with those gangs and kidnappers. However, most Haitians did not invest in anything which is why we are getting insecurity and violence. It does not matter my friends if we were passive all these years, now we are getting what we deserve. We let the Government, the Politicians, the Oligarchs, and the International Community plant all these bad seeds, now let us accept what we have sown and do something about it. Can we learn something from this mess?  

My fellow Haitians, we need to start planning. We have hurricane season every year, but what do we do for preparation? We know the rain is coming, but do we clean these sewers? Do we prepare the way for the water to go through? We are waiting for the International Community to come and deliver us. What a shame! It is time for us to stop being a beggar. Rise Haitians and take our destiny at hand. We have been asking for years, what the Government is doing? What the politicians are doing? What the oligarchs are doing? What the International Community is doing? But the time has come for us to ask, what are we doing for the country? Remember: we will reap regardless of if we plant or not. 

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