One problem that Haitian people need to overcome is respect and appreciation for their fellow compatriots.  On July 9th, 2023, at noon, Haitians all over the world took to the street of several cities to let people know about the situation in Haiti. They expressed their frustration about the whole situation in Haiti that prevent them from breathing.  The whole world got it, and there was no question about it.  People had pamphlets, flyers, posters, etc. that explained the purpose of the match. This match was a success because thousands and thousands of people from all over the world came on. But they were a problem: This match carried the name of the Protestants Organization. And this movement was organized mostly by Tabernacle of Glory and Shekinah radio where Pastor Gregory Toussaint is the leader. They were other churches, Pastors, and other organizations that took part, but the main leader was Pastor Gregory Toussaint. But why do some people and groups on social media talk badly about the match, especially about Pastor Gregory Toussaint?  

One concern that the opponents of the match have voiced lately is that Pastor Gregory wants to be President of Haiti. Instead of voicing their appreciation for work well done, they have come up with all types of evil means just to destroy the man. They let jealousy empower them just like Cain did to Abel. Pastor Gregory and many others said clearly that it is God who initiated the whole movement. But they insist that Pastor Gregory has ulterior motives. They ignore the fact that every Haitian has a civil right and patriotic duty to stand and defend Haiti.  And Haitian of any Department including the Department of Diaspora can run for any office they want in Haiti. This is the reality, and Haitians need to digest that fact if they want a better Haiti.  

Another concern from the opponents is that the cost of one million dollars or more for a match was a waste of money. That money according to them could have built in Haiti schools, hospitals, roads etc. My question for them is when do people have the right to tell an organization what to do with their own money? Haitians are really losing their mind; they need to learn to respect their compatriots. Tabernacle of Glory and Shekinah Radio do not belong to the Haitians Government. Nobody can tell them what to do with the money that God has trusted them with. Besides, other organizations or other groups can do the same thing or even better things for Haiti, for nobody is stopping them or preventing them. If they are really leaders, they should stop talking, come out, and do something for Haiti.  

If the opponents of the match really want to talk about money waste, they should focus on the Haitian Government which is wasting the country’s money left and right. Every week, the government and its group are in different countries doing nothing but wasting money. Ministers, senators, congressmen, oligarchs, etc. have taken all the money from Haiti and transferred the money to other countries. This is a waste because most of them have no legal status in the country where they put the money. Any time any day that country can seize all their assets and wealth. This my compatriots, are a waste. Instead of building schools, hospitals, factories, roads, bridges, etc., they are wasting the country’s money abroad. What a shame! These are the things the opponents of the match need to talk about. Thank you. 

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