The Dominican Republic’s border closures are beneficial for the Republic of Haiti. It is God’s answer to prayer. God transforms what the enemy intended for evil into good. God is always there to take care of His people. All of these were God’s providential plan for Haiti. Haitians must put all their trust in the sovereignty of God.  They must be proud of their African descent because God’s hand is all over Haiti.   

Haitians are resilient not because they are strong, but because God’s hand is upon them.  The Dominican Republic should have been aware of the danger of attacking Haiti. And Haitians should close their borders if the Dominican decides to open theirs. I strongly believe that Haitians will survive. Although the borders have been closed for more than 15 days (about 2 weeks), Haitians are still surviving. 

Haitians must make their own decisions because they are a sovereign nation. We don’t need Dominican or international communities to tell us what to do. Attacking a country without an army is a bully act by the Dominican Republic. That is why Haiti must have its own army to protect the nation and its territories. Haitians, we must wake up and take control of our destiny. 

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