During a parliament session on October 11th, 2023, Dominican Senator David Sosa stated that the Dominican Republic was defeated in the war with Haiti. He stated that this was the worst moment in Dominican history that will forever be remembered. The fact that Haitians were unaware of the war with Dominicans is a serious concern.  

If Haitians knew that they were at war with the Dominican Republic, they would not let their bellies be under the control of the Dominican Republic. Nobody or no Country in their right mind would let the enemies feed them. There is a lesson that Haitians must learn here. Haitians should not allow their food to be controlled by the Dominican Republic.  

If Haitians were cognizant of the war with the Dominicans, they would put their wealth into the Dominican Republic. Some Haitians do not even have the necessary legal status to live there in the first place. The Dominican Republic will expel all of them and preserve their wealth. Haitians must learn from their past. 

The invasion of Haiti by the Kenyans would not be mentioned if Haitians were aware of their war with the Dominicans. The President of the Dominican Republic, Abinader, is in the for front of the Kenyans invasion. This is a cover up. They are using Kenyans as cover up to destroy Haiti. Haitians would never welcome foreign invasion in their soil.  Haitians will fight for its existence by any means necessary. 

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