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The book “Haiti Shall Live Again” has clearly outlined the problems facing Haiti. Dr. Jude Fabius not only exposed the problems, but he also provided solutions to some of the problems. This book is highly recommended to everyone who desires to learn about Haiti’s history. If you want to know about the international community meddling in Haitian politics, this book is for you.  

 Dr. Fabius has gone beyond to provide a Godly perspective on the Haitian’s problems. He incorporated many biblical views as he tried to provide sound solutions to Haiti’s problems facing the Haitian people. I strongly recommend this book to everyone in search of a better understanding of Haiti’s problems.      

More than 200 years ago, hundreds of slaves from plantations across the island of Saint Domingue (Haiti) gathered for a meeting to strategize on a path towards liberation and justice. While they were unified by their shared vision of freedom, a Voodoo priestess danced in the middle of the crowd appeared. There have been strange events that have transpired since then.  

   According to the NPR news Analysis, Haiti had to pay France 10 times the amount the United States had paid France in the Louisiana Purchase.  And to our surprise, Haiti’s independence brought many benefits to the United States of America. France’s actions towards the Haitian people after the Haitian Revolution are a particularly well-known example of colonial theft according to Professor Marlene Daut.  

  This book will highlight some of the crazy ideas and seeds that Haitians have been ignored for a long time. The country is now facing the consequences of the unresolved problems.   

This book will make a difference, as it will force and challenge Haitians everywhere to start thinking. The story of Nehemiah has us thinking a lot about Haitians who live abroad and the diaspora. Dr. Fabius placed a biblical emphasis on the solution for Haiti in overcoming its condition. The absence of God in the equation leads to failure and human wisdom. The new Haiti as envisioned by doctor Fabius is the path to take.     

Half of the profit of this book will go to Building Life for Haiti (BLFH) which is a nonprofit organization 501 (c) (3). focuses on encouraging community unity, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing educational services. This is a call for action. Your gift and purchase today will restore hope and life to those in need.  

    BLFH aims to empower men, women, and youth and educate them on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. Teaching English is something we want to do because nearly all new job openings in Haiti require people to speak it.   

 BLFH objectives Haitians is to be independent and live a life without fear.  We want them to have peace of mind and expel all myths through the revelation of Jesus Christ. We believe that education, health, and wellness will eradicate many myths that are common among under-educated populations. This will help people live healthier lives, decrease medical expenses, and reduce the need to see witch doctors.  

Many children in Haiti are unable to find a place to go during the summer months. There is no formal or structural program that they can attend to help them develop their character further. We view Vocational Bible School to boredom while instilling good biblical principles that can help change their lives. 

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