“Haiti” United We Stand:

By Hantz Maxime 

No one has seen this coming. The people of Warnement have decided to come together to finish a Kanal that was started about nine years ago. The building Kanal began with President Michel Joseph Martelly and continue to president Jovenel Moïse. The Kanal was still in construction and abruptly stopped after the assassination of President Jovenel. It was reported that the people of Warnement had continued to farm using excess water flowing from the Dominican Republic farms nearby. This water has stopped coming to the people of Haiti after Dominican Republic decided to build their wall in the boarder to stop the Haitian from migrating to DR illegally. The people found themselves cornered and back against walls, no longer able to farm because of a lack of water. The farmers from Warnement   came together and started to dig the Kanal with their bare hands. Suddenly, the Dominican president became upset about the Haitian building a Kanel in the river of Massacre that both countries have signed a treaty in the 19th hundred, that both countries have equally. Currently, it was reported that Dominican Republic already build built eleven Kanal in river and Haiti is building its first Kanal.  

The resentment of the Dominican Republic president against Haitian people intention to build their Kanal has ignited a fire that united the Haitians from all over the world. Many Haitians have come to contribute financially, volunteering to use their skills to make this a reality. This Kanal to the Haitian people is much more than a water passage. It is their sovereignty, pride, self-confidence, resiliency and self-respect.  Almost all the Haitian people have viewed the Kanal as a pathway to take their destiny into their own hands. They are tired of hearing other nations belittle them. Their leaders are always going to the international begging for food instead of finding ways to invest in the country.  The Haitian people are fed-up being the laughingstock of the international. That is why you see many men, women and children alike come together to work on the Kanal for a better Haiti

Haitian United  

Who would ever think these people can be united. For many years, they have learned that as a people they are not able to do anything together. They told us that we are devised people who are full of hatred for one another. All this myth has been debunked in Warnement.  Everyone seems to forget about their personal interest while working in the Kanal. For the first time, you have seen all the regions come together despite their religious, social or other affiliation to focus in this one GOAL KPK “KANAL LA PAP KANPE”. AND HPK “HAITI PAP KAMPE” 

In view of this project, Building Life for Haiti also desires to see a better Haiti. A Haiti that can stand on its own and feeds its people. BLFH, wants to see beyond the Kanal. We want to see this fire continue to burn in all regions of the country so that the Haiti that we all want to see will come to a reality in a short time. We want to offer our support by encouraging everyone to pick up a copy of our new book “Haiti Shall Live Again”. A portion of the profit from the book will go to help finance these, Kanals.  This new book is our contribution to the struggle and the understanding of our cultural existence. We strongly encourage you to support BLFH as we want to be a major part in the construction of many more Kanals 

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