Bible Reading Flyer

The good news of the gospel is for everyone. However, it is easier to approach a poor person with the gospel than to approach the rich. The solution is to approach people at the place of agreement. There is a lady that used to take care of me when I was growing up in Haiti. I call her aunty; in fact, all of my siblings call her aunty. I had no doubt of her love for me then, and now. I am also sure that she knows that I love her. However, each time I shared the gospel to her, she walked away from me. Not too long ago, I brought her a PROCLAMER, which is a durable portable radio with a dramatized Bible reading. At first, she hesitated to listen to it; But after a while she started to listen. Glory to God, the PROCLAMER brought her to the cross and she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. What a joy from heaven to earth. After so many years, it is a blessing to know that the PROCLAMER helped touch her heart for the LORD. Glory be to God.

Faith comes by hearings provides people everywhere with free access to God’s Word through Audio Bibles in every translated language. Every person deserves free access to the Audio Bible in their heart language. Faith comes by hearings has a program where anybody anywhere around the world can download permanently the dramatized Bible’s app in his or her phone without access to the internet. Once they do that, they can listen to it off line anytime without the internet connection. As you probably know majority of Haitian people have cell phone in Haiti. The problem is that they do not have internet connection. Building Life For Haiti, Inc., is looking to work with Faith comes by hearings to bring this app system to Haiti. We strongly believe in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If God has put in your heart to help, please do so. You can visit our web site at and get involved.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17