English learning Center flyer

Building Life will deliver English as a second language where people chances of getting a better job will increase since English has become a necessity in succeeding in Haiti.

English as a Second Language:

This will increase people chance of getting a better job, since English has become a necessity in succeeding in Haiti. BLFH will empower men, women and youth by helping them acquire new life skills and ultimately gain employment. We believe that knowing English will increase their chances for finding work; because almost all new job opening in Haiti required people to speak English. In addition, our ESL class will improve their ability to interact with American businesses and use the internet to start their own business. Our classes will teach our students how to communicate in many different work settings. It will also introduce them to the American business perspective and culture. In a country with 70% unemployment rate, one can understand why Haitian people are eager and ready to learn English. We at, BLFH anticipate to have a great impact on Haiti. In a little more than two years, graduates of English as a Second Language classes will walk out with a completely transformed life.