Our team:  

Dr. Jude Fabius Pharm.D, President and Operational Manager received his Bachelor’s degree in laboratory science and chemistry at the City University of New York and his doctorate’s degree in pharmacology at Long Island University of New York.  He worked in laboratory science for almost ten years and he is now working as a Clinical Pharmacist for more than ten years.  Mr. Hantz Maxime MS, the Treasurer, received his BS in Urban Studies and Master in Occupational Therapy.  Mrs. Medgeen Fabius MS ED, Secretary and Programs Manager received her BS in Management/Administration and Master in Education.family (2)

We build life in Unity thru the Gospel and Education.   blfh brick


Building Life For Haiti (BLFH) is a nonprofit organization 501 (c) (3) that focuses on encouraging community unity, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing education services.

We empower men, women, and youth to be independent and free from fear.

God is our source, He will sustain Building Life For Haiti.

We aren’t asking others to do what we, ourselves do not do.

We have poured ourselves into this ministry; It is a matter of integrity.

Yes, you can trust us;  we strive to do the right thing because we want to be accepted in the eyes of God and man.

What are we trying to achieved?
We want to empower men women and youth and educate them in the knowledge of Business and Entrepreneurship. We also want to teach them English, because almost all new job opening in Haiti required people to speak English. Our English classes will improve their ability to interact with American and foreign investors or businesses. They will use internet to start their own business and gather information. We also will promote Literacy Program for adult in their Native Language of Haitian Creole. Learning in your own language makes learning easier, speeding up the process. Learning in your native language increases your ability to understand new and/or complex concepts. We will include: Health and Wellness, Civility and Mathematics. Students will be encouraged to come to class and continue the process when they know that they are also receiving other additional skills that will add value to their lives. Lastly, we will have Summer Vacation Bible School for the Kids and a monthly movie night for adult.20190303_1545485196511556367382920.jpgMr. Hantz Maxime MS, the Treasurer, received his BS in Urban Studies, Master in Occupational Therapy.

What is our why?

We want them to be independent and live a life free from fear. We want them to have peace of mind and expel all myth through the revelation of Jesus Christ. We believe that Education, Health and Wellness will eradicate many myths that are common with undereducated populations. This will help people live healthier lives decrease medical expenses and the need to see witch doctors. Many children in Haiti have no place to go during the summer months. They also do not have any formal or structural program that they can attend to assist with their further development of character. We view VBS as a way to address the boredom while instill good biblical principle that can help change their lives. The purpose of VBS in Haiti is to help children learn about God, build positive character, and love for others in the spirit of community through the use of board game, art and crafts, skits and many fun activities.

A call to action:

Please donate! Your gift today will restore hope and life to those in need. It will help give electricity and equipment for our new school. Without electricity and high-tech equipment, our services will not be possible.  We are so grateful for your support. Thank you very much for your generous donation.  God bless you all.