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Building Life for Haiti, Inc., is organized and operated for the purpose of providing for a small fee adult literacy program where students will be set free from the confines of illiteracy.


Grand opening

BLFH Christian Academy is going to open its door at the International Center for Christian Education located at Grison, d’Aquin South of Haiti at the beginning of this school year 2021. Our goal is to begin with the three programs below.


Tutoring Center Program
Literacy Center Program
Continuing Education Program


Building Life for Haiti is a 501 (c) (3), tax-deductible organization. Any donation will go to support the organization. For more information visit our site at Thank you and God bless.



A beautifully illustrated two volume set of a text/reading book. C:\Users\Ron\Documents\Amicus\Halo 1_files\logo.jpg

 First year consists of  236 lessons in the READER, and a 400 pages WORKBOOK.

The Second year consists of 135 lessons in the READER, and a 236 pages WORKBOOK.

BLFH Christian Academy would like to provide these books to its students. The two volume set of books (Liv Lekti READER, and EXCERSIZE -Kaye Egzesis) is $24.00 for first year per book and $23.00 for the second year per book as per HALO Publishing Company.  If you would like to help with the purchase, please do not hesitate to do so; this is a noble cause.

To give, please touch the 3 white lines on top of the left side of the Home page and select Giving, then Donate. Also to change the website to any language, touch the 3 dots on the right then select the prefer language.

Adult Literacy Program:

Learning in your own language makes learning easier, speeding up the process. Learning in your native language increases your ability to understand new and/or complex concepts. The classes will also include basic information on Health and Wellness, Civility and Mathematics. Students will be encouraged to come to class and continue the process when they know that they are also receiving other additional skills that will add value to their lives. Health and Wellness will eradicate many myths that are common with undereducated populations. This will help people live healthier lives decrease medical expenses and the need to see witch doctors. They will be able to meet at times that are most convenient for the Students. In an effort to avoid shame and foster respect classes will be offered separately to young adults and older adults. Older adults would feel shame if their younger community members knew that they did not know how to read.